my siblings and i are interested in hiring you to write my mother’s life story. How does that process work?

Contracts and Payment Structure

First you collect from all participating family members the first half payment due at the time of signing of your financial agreement portion of the contract. (The second half of payment shall be rendered upon receipt of the published memoir,) Meanwhile your mother and I will both sign our storytelling portion of the contract which simply states that either party may opt to stop the memoir project at any given time. These two agreements protect both parties, meaning that Enduring Elephant Memoirs will be compensated at an hourly rate for time spent on services rendered up until such time as one party decides to terminate or the work is completed, and you are entitled to any remaining balance in the account.

Interviews, Transcription, and Drafts

Next I will interview and record your mother for five two-hour sessions. I transcribe these recordings for reference and also for incorporation in my initial draft of her memoir. Her custom composed memoir will be completed in three drafts to be submitted to her for her final review and approval.

Selecting Photos and Other Memorabilia, Professional Edits, and Printing and Binding

Next we collaborate to select appropriate photographs and other memorabilia for publication, and I work to obtain the necessary copyright permissions to reprint them. Enduring Elephant Memoirs will work with other professionals to polish your mother’s life story for the printing and binding that will lead to its publication. Your mother will end up with a high quality hard or soft cover heirloom book of her life story to share with her loved ones for generations to come.


My services include everything from writing and publishing your memoir in limited-quantity heirloom books to collaborating with you to assist you in crafting your own life story. In addition to individual book coaching on Cape Cod, I am available locally to teach small groups on how to write their own personal histories. I offer editing services, from copy editing to developmental editing. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced writer, I am eager to help you!


Please contact me directly, indicating what kind of help you need and services you desire.

Any other questions?

I’m so glad you’re here, and I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have. Drop me a line; give me a call, I look forward to meeting you.